Don't Let 'Somebody Else' Use The 1975 Lyrics as IG Captions Before You

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The 1975 makes music for the heartbroken and the hopeful. Their song lyrics might be just what you're looking to put as your next Instagram caption. With so many songs released, we've done the hard part and dug through all the lyrics. We've found the best hidden gem lyrics to complete your post.

Thanks to The 1975, your Instagram pictures will be on fire. Some are deep, and some are downright hilarious. No matter what you're looking for, something on the list will get the job done. Let the world know you're fierce and fun with these Instagram captions.

Check out all 25 captions we've picked out for your next photo. See what stands out, and don't be afraid to take advantage of it. We have exactly what you've been looking for!

via Instagram: @the1975
  1. "Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones."
  2. "You wet my eyes but I don't mind it."
  3. "The poetry is in the streets."
  4. "It's my party and I'll cry to the end."
  5. "Being young in the city."
via Instragram: @the1975
  1. "You win you lose, you sing the blues."
  2. "Maybe you are dreaming you're in love with me."
  3. "I'd be an anchor but I'm scared you'd drown."
  4. "It's not living if it's not with you."
  5. "Kids don't want rifles, they want Supreme."
via Instagram: @the1975
  1. "She had a face straight outta magazine."
  2. "And you're the only thing that's going on in my mind."
  3. "There's a change in pressure."
  4. "They're just girls breaking hearts."
  5. "Why don't you figure my heart out?"
via Instagram: @the1975
  1. "I'm bursting at the seams."
  2. "In the mornings, I was getting high with you."
  3. "Blood is on your tongue as well as your hands."
  4. "We can't make love when you fly around me baby."
  5. "Sun drowns the house."
via Instagram: @the1975
  1. "Fuck that, get money."
  2. "Disenfranchised young criminal minds."
  3. "And you say I'm such a cliche, I can't see the difference in it either way."
  4. "I can't exist within my own head."
  5. "I never found love in the city."