10 Thoughts We Had On Tonight's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy!


Check out these ten thoughts we had during tonight's episode of Grey's! You may have had the same ones!

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10 Thoughts We Had On Tonight's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy!

This week on Grey's Anatomym we were most excited to see the drama with Jo and Paul unfold. On top of that, we got thrown a couple of new curve balls that left us both laughing and crying. Check out these ten thoughts we had while watching tonight's episode, you may have had some of the same ones! Here's our Grey's Anatomy recap for tonight's episode!

Since When Did Tuck Get So Big?


It seems like Tuck completely shocks us every time we get another look at him on Grey's. It feels like just yesterday that O'Malley was helping Dr. Bailey deliver him. It's crazy to see him as practically a teenager! What's next?! He's going to be off the college!

Maggie Is So Cute When She Talks About Science!


Maggie's eyes have never lit up like tonight when she was teaching science to those camp kids. It almost makes us wish she was our childhood science teacher! She's a genius, and not to mention she's great with the kids! Maybe it's about time she has some of her own!

Who Hit Paul?


In the beginning of the episode we are hinted toward certain characters, but when will we know who really ran into him? It would be too good to be true if it was Jo or Alex, so what's the big secret? Maybe it was a genuine accident, what a coincidence!

You Tell 'Em, Jackson!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Someone needed to stand up to the police for the innocent kid who was shot, and no one could have done it better than Jackson! The poor kid was just trying to get into his own house, and he was only twelve! Jackson definitely did the right thing-- not to mention he's sexy when he gets mad!

Cutting Off Your Own Hand?!


Remember when a man thought his foot was haunted and chainsawed it off right there in the OR? The situation we saw tonight wasn't all that different! A boy came into the ER after an attempt to cut off his own hand! Why? Apparently he wished to prevent himself from masturbation due to his religious beliefs-- there has to be a better way!

Uh Oh, April! Look Who's Back!


Remember Matthew? The last time we saw that poor guy was when April ditched him at the altar of their wedding to be with Jackson. How ironic that the first time we see him back is with his new wife who's in labor?! Of course, April has to be the one to help deliver the baby-- Shonda won't let us catch a break with these plot twists!

Jo and Jenny's Moment Touched Us


It was hard enough to see Jo deal with the trauma of abuse from Paul. Once we heard Jenny let out all the pain he's caused her as well, our hearts couldn't help but break. Watching these two women comfort and empower each other made us hungry for justice!

Ouch! Poor Paul... Or Not!


It's not often that we celebrate someone's pain on Grey's, but nothing felt better than watching Paul fall our of his bed and hit his head! The best part? He was attempting to abuse yet again! This one really was deserved!

Jo Has One Crazy Laugh!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We don't know what's better-- Jo's cackle, or the reason she was laughing in the first place! After everything, it turns out Jo had the legal rights to pull the plug on Paul or not since he slipped into a coma. What a crazy twist! Karma sure has it's way of coming around!

How Could You NOT Cry At This Ending?


The doctors ending up losing the innocent little boy who was shot in the neck. On top of that, Matthew's wife didn't end up surviving the childbirth, leaving April feeling responsible. Shonda really has a way of ripping our hearts out but always keeping us wanting more!

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