Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember Jo & Alex's Wedding?

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Against all odds, the wedding went on!

Take this Grey's Anatomy quiz all about Alex and Jo's special wedding. Only a true fan will get a perfect score!

 Jul 11, 2019

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Why did Jo barge in to see Alex before the wedding?
To ask him to rehearse their vows.
To give him the news of her acceptance into a fellowship program in Boston.
To show him her dress.

2 of 18Choose Your Answer:

_______ plans Jo and Alex's wedding.

3 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Why are the guests late to the wedding?
They went to the wrong wedding.
There was a bus crash that left the ER flooded.
They all forgot what day it was.

4 of 18Choose Your Answer:

The bride's _______ collapses at the wrong wedding.

5 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who tends to the injured guest?

6 of 18Choose Your Answer:

_______ shows up to the hospital and asks Bailey for a job.

7 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who offers Jo an attendee position at Grey Sloan?

8 of 18Choose Your Answer:

The co-wedding planner goes into anaphylactic shock after eating ________.

9 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Where do Alex and Jo lock themselves into?
A shed
A car
A bathroom

10 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who knocks over the wedding cake?

11 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who suspects that Meredith has feelings for Alex?

12 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Where do Jo and Alex finally say "I do"?
A car
The hospital
A ferry

13 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who officiates the wedding?

14 of 18Choose Your Answer:

_______ drunkenly kisses Meredith.

15 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Why does Levi faint?
From the Seattle heat.
Because he didn't take his medicine.
From the sight of blood.

16 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What do Alex and Jo find in the shed?
A skeleton
A wallet
A pitchfork

17 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Meredith said that _______ used to make her sad.
ferry boats

18 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Why do Alex and Jo enter the shed?
To look for candles.
To have a quickie.
To surprise April.
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