Quiz: Have You Watched Enough Grey's To Be Able To Pass This Medical Exam?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It's not as easy as you think!

Watching Grey's Anatomy has made us all more knowledgable on medicine. Take this medical exam quiz to find out how much you've learned!

 Jun 16, 2020

1 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What is a 10-Blade used for?
Making incisions in skin and muscle
Testing urine samples
Drawing blood samples

2 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Alzheimer's primarily affects which organ?
The kidneys
The brain
The heart

3 of 18Choose Your Answer:

When is anesthesia typically administered?
During an MRI.
Before and during surgery.
After surgery.

4 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What type of surgeon specializes in bones and muscles?
A plastic surgeon
A pediatric surgeron
An orthopedic surgeon

5 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What does an ECG monitor?
A patient's brain activity
A patient's heart
A patient's white blood cell count

6 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Which type of burn only appears on the surface of the skin?
Third-degree burn
First-degree burn
Second-degree burn

7 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What word is IV short for?

8 of 18Choose Your Answer:

The aortic valve is located in the ______.

9 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What word defines the spread of a disease from one area of the body to another?

10 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What surgical specialty focuses on infants?
Cardiothoracic surgery
Trauma surgery
Neonatal surgery

11 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What does pneumothorax mean?
A swollen esophagus
A failed kidney
A collapsed lung

12 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Saline consists of which mixture?
Sterile water mixed with sodium chloride
Sterile water mixed with potassium
Sterile water mixed with glycerin

13 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What causes a stroke?
When the heart is blocked
When the brain doesn't receive enough blood
When the lungs get filled with fluid

14 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What is the largest organ of the human body?

15 of 18Choose Your Answer:

How would you treat a patient with syphilis?
A prescription of ibuprofen
An IV with saline
An injection of benzathine penicillin

16 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Tachycardia is defined by what?
An abnormally high heart rate
An abnormally low heart rate
The abrupt halt of blood flow

17 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What is an LVAD implant used to treat?
Heart failure
Plasma loss

18 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What is the purpose of an X-ray scan?
To take samples of living tissue
To look inside the body without cutting it open.
To read a person's heart rate.
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