STOP! You're Holding Your Wine Glass All Wrong

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Seriously. Read this before your next glass.

Wine glasses have a stem for a reason: it's meant to be used. It's not just for decoration. Which is why, if you're serious about your wine, you might want to rethink those trendy stemless glasses...

Pinch the stem

Hold the stem towards the base, pinching between your thumb, index, and middle finger. Your fingers will naturally rest on the base.

Good grief...why does it matter?

Of course it matters! Here's why:

1. Keep fingerprints at bay.
Ugh. Nothing's worse than a fingerprint laden wine glass. Gross.
If you're really into somm level wine analysis, a finger-print free glass will let you more easily assess the color of the wine, which can tell you a lot about the wine you're enjoying, even before you take a sip. (For example, you should be able to tilt a glass of Pinot Noir over some printed text, and still be able to read it). Even if you're not a somm, it can be fun to do as you try to learn more about your favorite types.
Side note: Try to drink from the same spot on the glass as well, especially if you're wearing lipstick.

2. Keep your wine the correct temperature, for longer
The warmer the wine, the faster the alcohol evaporates. This can result in the loss of some of the more complex flavors, and leave you with a bleh, flat wine. No bueno.

3. Make your wine easier to swirl
While swirling wine may seem a little pretentious to some of you, if you're trying to learn more about the wines you drink, swirling is very important. A good swirl incorporates some O2 into your wine, opening the wine up and releasing the aromas. The "nose", or scent, of the wine, can tell you a lot about it, without taking a sip (just like it's color). And as we all know, we taste mostly with our noses, so having the aromas at full throttle can really improve your wine-enjoying experience.

You can't get a good clink out of your toast if your hand is disrupting the vibration of the glass.

But rules aside, you do you. As long as the vino is enjoyed, everyone's a winner.

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