MUST READ: How To Open A Bottle Of Wine The RIGHT Way

Ditch the rabbit-esque and electric BS. Follow these steps and pop your corks like a boss.


This is a waiter's friend (literally, that's what it's called). The sharp end to the left is for cutting the wrapping around the cork, the middle is the corkscrew, and the lever end to the right is leverage to help pull the cork free. If you don't have one, get one.


  1. Using the sharp, knife end, slice the foil from bottom to top to remove it.
  2. Place the corkscrew in the center of the cork and twist until only one curl is showing. (For many waiter's friends, this should be about six and a half turns. Read the instruction pamphlet that comes with yours--it should tell you exactly how many turns you need).
  3. Angle the handle and the hinge and place the groove of the lever end on the edge of the bottle.
  4. Firmly hold the neck of the bottle of wine and pull upward. POP!
  5. Turn up and enjoy.


  • If you prefer, a foil cutter can be an easy way to reveal the cork. Traditionally, the foil is removed just a few millimeters below the rim. This is to make sure the wine doesn't touch the foil, but also retaining the foil maintains some of the bottle's flair. It can be tricky to do this with your waiter's friend, but a foil cutter (or very sharp knife and a steady hand) can make quick work of it.

  • If your cork breaks, remove the corkscrew and re-insert in a different spot at a slight angle.

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