Drop Everything and Read These 5 Crazy Tiktok Conspiracy Theories

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Ready to have your mind blown? These conspiracy theories will leave you reeling!

The 5 TikTok Conspiracy Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

We've all been at the mercy of the world's most addicting social media application; scrolling for hours with no end in sight. TikTok's unique and extra-personal algorithm makes it nearly impossible to put down your phone and step away from the nonstop entertainment.

That's where conspiracy theories come in. Because once you're down the rabbit hole of never-ending content, it's only a matter of time before you branch off to a specific subject matter that lures you in.

These 5 conspiracy theories are the dangerous duo of TikTok content - rapid-fire and bizarrely entertaining.

1. The Titanic Wasn't Real - Here's Why

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According to @tythecrazyguy, the Titanic didn't actually sink - another ship did instead. Apparently the company that owned the Titanic had other ships, one of which was called The Olympic.

This ship known as The Olympic had just returned from sea and suffered great damage, enough to never return to sea. It is rumored that the company sent this ship out under a different name, "The Titanic," in order to collect on the insurance money once it inevitably crashed.

One of the main reasons why this conspiracy theory holds true, is that the Olympic had 16 portholes while the Titanic had only 14. In a photo of the Titanic from the day it set sail, you see exactly 16 portholes. It has also been reported that a surviving crew member, on his death bed, stated that he KNEW the Titanic had been switched out, but had been bribed by the government to NOT say anything.

2. Area 51? Try Antarctica!

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For years, people have suspected the notorious "Area 51" base to be the source of the United States' most mysterious secrets. However, according to @abbeyleahbass on TikTok, we have been deceived all along.

A 2019 article released on Military.com, explains that "More US Military Power (was) Needed in Antarctic to Deter Malign Activity." Apparently the location of this site is 1300 miles from any other human activity. Therefore, this particular theory believes that if you are so detached from human contact -- what could you possibly need military protection FROM? Unless perhaps,you are trying to protect what's inside.

@AbbeyLeahBass finally poses the idea that what if Area 51 has been a decoy and all this time our deepest secrets are being held in Antarctica - free of supervision?

3. Re-Living Your Life in a Dream


This theory, posed by @true_td, believes that the 7 minutes after you die are filled with dream-like brain activity where you witness "your entire life flashing before your eyes."

However, in our dreams, time is often warped or stretched. So what if you are currently re-living your life in that "7-minute" dream? And if that's the case, how do you really know if you are alive or just dreaming?

My mind is officially BLOWN.

4. Eve & Lucifer - A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

"The Emperor's New Groove" via Buena Vista Distribution

A new theory floating around TikTok supposes that the devil and Eve were much closer than we all thought. In fact, it is believed that the devil was in love with Lillith. However, when God killed Lillith, he then formed Eve in the likeness of Lillith.

So when the devil and Eve initially meet in the Garden of Eden, the devil becomes instantly entranced. It is also believed that Eve "eating the apple" translates to "having sex." So Eve and the devil became quite close.

Eve then conceives a child from this interaction, but she also lays with Adam. So the theory supposes that Eve had two embryos that resulted in Cain and Able. However, it makes sense that God disliked Cain and favored Able - since Cain was never intended to be.

5. Disney's *Tangled* Predicted the Future

Tangled via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

It's also been floating around TikTok that Disney's Tangled may have casually predicted our current world state. For starters, the town that Rapunzel is from, and consistently avoiding for "safety" reasons, is called Corona.

Rapunzel also spends her entire life locked away for "social distancing" purposes - much like so many of us are now. The movie also came out in 2010 and 2010 was the most previous pandemic season with the swine flu. Coincidence...? I think not!

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