13 Absurd Thoughts We All Secretly Have When Running Into An Ex

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"Of course I picked today of all days to go out in sweats and a t-shirt."

Unfortunately, breakups are never as simple as we'd like them to be.

So when you run into an ex, sometimes your mind starts to wander and you build up problems in your head that probably don't exist.

Here are the most absurd thoughts you know you've had when running into an ex:

1. Of course I picked today of all days to go out in sweats and a t-shirt.


I should have been able to predict that I'd see them. Somehow.

2. Then again, do I really want them to see me looking cute?


Wouldn't want them thinking I dressed up for them.

3. They won’t try to talk to me, will they?

Maybe they won't notice me if I hide.

4. How dare they ignore me?


After all we've been through, they should at least nod or something, right? Didn't we used to be soulmates???

5. What are they doing in MY favorite coffee shop, anyway?


Isn't there a law that says you can't go to your ex's favorite coffee shop? If not, there should be.

6. I hope they don’t miss me TOO much.


After all, what kind of woman wishes suffering on someone they used to love?

7. Actually, screw that. Let them suffer!


I hope they spend the next month weeping into their overpriced coffee.

8. Maybe I’ll ask them if they want to have coffee with me?


Just, y'know, to catch up. No harm in that, right?

9. Are they flirting with the barista??


First of all, how dare they flirt with a service worker who has no choice but to be nice to them. Second of all, how dare they make me, their ex, witness their flirting with my own two eyes!

10. Maybe I should flirt with the barista.


That'll show ‘em.

11. Just gotta focus on his flaws.


Think about all the times they said my sister was hotter than me. Think about how their breath smelled like eggs in the morning. Think about that weird little ingrown hair on their pinky toe. Think about their terrible taste in music. Anything to keep my brain from focusing on what a cute smile they have!!

12. Thank Christ that relationship's over.


The 5 minutes of turmoil you just endured are exactly why you broke up in the first place.

Tell him #BoyBye!


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