Do You Know Enough 'Sconsin Lingo To Decipher These 19 “Typical” WI Things?

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Are you a real Wisconsin whiz?

If you've lived in Wisconsin your entire life, then step right up and take this ultimate state trivia challenge!

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If you want to be a Badger, then come along and take this quiz! Let's see just how much you know about American's Dairyland once and for all! Do you ever call the state ‘Scansin? Do you know what the heck a bubbler is? Are you slightly obsessed with cheese curds? Do you find yourself chanting Go Pack Go on a regular basis? Have you ever indulged in a scoop of Culver's frozen custard? Do you know that Fridays are for fish frys? Do you have strong opinions about Aaron Rodgers versus Brett Favre? Do you love sipping on a brandy Old Fashioned? Do you love cheese more than life itself? What about bratwursts? Do you know what it means when the Packers play the song "Bang on the Drum All Day"? Have you ever been to a supper club? Have you ever gone on vacation up north? Have you ever worn a foam wedge of cheese on your head? Do you enjoy going hunting? Have you ever called someone from Illinois a FIB? Do you hate Budweiser beer? Are you proud to call the Badger State your home sweet home? If you're committed to proving you're the ultimate lover of this great region, then you're going to have to take a few minutes out of your day to play this fun and educational quiz. Whether you're a Wisconsin native or a newer local, test your knowledge of the lingo and culture in Wisconsin! Best of luck to you on this quiz!

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