Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Rare Personality Type Is 100% YOU


Let's test your true temperament​!

How does your brain and personality work? Are you more introverted or extroverted? Rational or emotional?

 Jul 21, 2018
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Which colors do you prefer?
Black and white
Pink and purple
Red and blue
Orange and yellow
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Which city would you want to live in?
Kansas City
New Orleans
Los Angeles
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Which animal would you prefer as a pet?
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What's your usual role in social events?
I get nervous and stay quiet most of the time
I sit in the corner with a couple friends all night
I start a lot of conversations with friends and strangers
I buy drinks for everyone and try to liven the mood
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What career would you prefer?
Event planner
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Which activity do you prefer?
Watching movies or TV
Partying or shopping
Traveling or debating
Reading or writing
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What photos does your Instagram consist of?
Photos of your pets or food
Photos of architecture or nature
Photos hanging out with your best friends
Selfies and photos of you partying
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How do you feel in big cities like NYC or LA?
9 of 10Take your pick!
How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday?
Catching up on work - no time to take off!
An animated dinner with your closest family and friends
Throwing a huge party with everyone you know
Spending it alone and hoping no one remembers
10 of 10Take your pick!
What does your perfect weekend consist of?
Going out for drinks and gossipping with your friends
Heading to a coffee shop to catching up on some reading
Drinking beers and discussing current affairs with friends
Staying at home and cuddling with your pet
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