How Well Would You Do In Ross’ Trivia Quiz From Friends?

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Think you're a true "Friends" fan?

Are you the ultimate Friends fan? Prove it by passing Ross Gellar's very own trivia test as seen on the hit TV show!

 Jun 23, 2020

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According to Chandler, what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him?
Strip clubs
Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance

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Monica and Ross had a grandmother who died. Chandler and Joey went to her funeral. Name that grandmother.

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Every week TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey's apartment. What name appears on the address label?
Miss Chanandler Bong

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What is the name of Chandler's father's Las Vegas all-male burlesque?
Viva Las Gaygas
Gypsies Tramps and Thieves

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What was Monica's nickname when she was a field-hockey goalie?
Big Fat Goalie
Cheater Cheater Compulsive Eater

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Rachel claims this is her favorite movie:
Dangerous Liaisons

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Her actual favorite movie is:
Weekend at Bernie’s
The Goonies

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In what part of her body did Monica get a pencil stuck at age 14?
Her butt
Her eyeball
Her ear

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Monica categorizes her towels. How many categories are there?

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What is Joey's favorite food?

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Chandler was how old when he first touched a girl's breast?

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Joey had an imaginary childhood friend. His name was:

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His profession was:
Space cowboy
Professional basketball player

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What is Chandler Bing's job?
Executive specializing in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration

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What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?
Long lines
Animals dressed as humans
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The twelfth episode of the fourth season of Friends is technically called "The One With the Embryos." For most Friends obsessives, though, it's unofficially known as "The One With the Trivia Game." While Phoebe's off getting artificially inseminated, the rest of the gang participates in an epic trivia battle. Since none of the characters on Friends ever puts work or other commitments ahead of hang time, the residents of apartments 19 and 20 are soon engaged in a trivia battle for the ages with ever-escalating stakes. Not wanting to be left out, Ross becomes the de facto ringmaster and question-writer. He divides the questions into four categories: Fears & Pet Peeves, Ancient History, Literature, and It's All Relative. The year is 1998, and your friends Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler have a bet going to see who knows the others better. Your other friend Ross has made a quiz to put their knowledge to the test. If Monica and Rachel win, Joey and Chandler have to give up their pet chick and duck. If Joey and Chandler win, they get Monica and Rachel's apartment. But now you've thrown a curveball and decided to enter as a third party. If you get more than 10 questions right, YOU win the apartment. Are you fan enough to beat Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Ross at their own game? Could you BE any more excited to test your knowledge of Friends? Step right up and see if you can save Monica and Rachel's apartment.