Quiz: Only Diehard Rick & Morty Fans Can Score 100% On This Test. Can You?

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Prove you're not a Jerry with this Rick and Morty quiz!

If you're obsessed with Rick and Morty and all the shenanigans they get up to, then take this quiz now!

 Mar 31, 2019

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What does Rick use to travel between dimensions and universes?
Portal gun
Space laser
Universe key

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Who are Rick's two best friends?
Hawkperson and Squinchy
Birdperson and Squanchy
Eagleperson and Scrunchy

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How long did Rick leave Beth?
5 years
20 years
10 years

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Beth Smith

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What non-human species makes up half of Morty's son?

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What does wubba lubba dub dub mean?
I’m a genius
I’m in great pain
I’m in love with you

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Who does Morty have a crush on?

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What is the Smith's favorite cereal?
Blueberry Bubbles
Strawberry Smiggles
Mango Mungles

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What word should you never say to a Traflorkian?

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Adult Swim
Jerry Smith

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Who is the spandex-clad alien with a megaphone?
Intergalactic Creature Ellipses Man
Interdimensional Cable Eyehole Man
Interspecies Carbon Enigma Man

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What is the name of the park that Rick builds inside an Australian homeless man?
Anatomy Park
Biology World
Physiology Fair

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What was Rick's favorite exhibit in Anatomy Park?
Bladder Falls
Pirates of the Pancreas
Spleen Mountain

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What non-weapon does Rick use to make the Purgers drop their weapons?
Milky Way
Tic Tacs

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Adult Swim
Mr. Beauregard
King Flippy Nips
Cornvelious Daniel

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What does Jerry attempt to use as a gun at a wedding?
Confetti cannon
Nerf gun
Potato gun

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What was the name of Rick's rock band?
The Flesh Drapes
The Flesh Curtains
The Flesh Sheets

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What is Beth's preferred alcoholic beverage?
Red wine

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What song does Rick use to save Earth?
Rock Hortz
Do the Bingortz
Get Schwifty

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Adult Swim
Summer Smith
Agency Director
Donna Gueterman
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Wubba lubba dub dub! If you're a huge fan of Rick and Morty, then you've come to the right place! It's time for the ultimate Rick and Morty trivia quiz! Grab your nearest Morty, head into an alternate dimension, and find some cool aliens! It's time to do some Rick and Morty trivia and only the Rickest of Ricks will be able to pass. The show follows an old, crazy scientist and his inept little grandson and is not only an amazing cartoon, but also one of the smartest, funniest, and thought-provoking series to hit the airwaves in the past few decades. Can you even call yourself a Rick and Morty fan if you don't ace this?

Are you the type of viewer who sees Pickle Rick and thinks its a funny anecdote, or are you the sort of fan who not only knows why Rick became a pickle, but how he planned on reversing the process when it was all said and done? Rick and Morty is a show that defies all expectations. You might think you know what's about to come next, but there's always a new character, a plot twist, a planet or universe that you could never have predicted. But if you're a true Rick and Morty fan with the brilliance of Rick and the adoration of Morty, you will have a handle on every last detail of the show, whether it's the bizarre catchphrases of Rick or the horrific failures of Jerry. If you're a true diehard fan, it's likely you have seen each and every episode... but how well do you really know all of them? It's time to put your space smarts to the test. Good luck!

Now, if you want more 'Rick and Morty' quizzes, you can email me at [email protected]! But for now, take this quiz to see just how much you remember from 'Rick and Morty'!