Quiz: There’s No Excuse For Scoring Less Than 80% On This Southern Test

Are you a real Southern scholar?

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 May 22, 2018
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Question: 1/22Take your pick, y'all!

What makes up the filling of moon pies?
white chocolate

Question: 2/22Take your pick, y'all!

What is the South also known as?
The Bible Belt
The Tropical Belt
The Rust Belt

Question: 3/22Take your pick, y'all!

Everyone knows the best grocery shop in the South is _____.
Whole Foods
Piggly Wiggly

Question: 4/22Take your pick, y'all!

What type of barbecue do you hold during football season?
Pig pickin’

Question: 5/22Take your pick, y'all!

Deep fried balls of cornmeal are called _____.
tater tots

Question: 6/22Take your pick, y'all!

Bojangles is famous for chicken and waffles

Question: 7/22Take your pick, y'all!

What is a "Yankee"?
A mean person
A newcomer
A person from up North

Question: 8/22Take your pick, y'all!

What goes into ambrosia salad?
cheddar cheese

Question: 9/22Take your pick, y'all!

How do you address two or more people?
You guys

Question: 10/22Take your pick, y'all!

Which titles should you always use to address elders?
Mister and Lady
Mr. and Mrs.
Sir and Ma’am

Question: 11/22Take your pick, y'all!

Where is the Mason-Dixon Line?
Between North Carolina and South Carolina
Between Florida and Georgia
Between Maryland and Pennsylvania

Question: 12/22Take your pick, y'all!

Boiling is to ___ as baking is to a cake.

Question: 13/22Take your pick, y'all!

Mud boggin' is _____.
when an argument turns to insults
a sport involving 4x4 trucks in tire-deep mud
a party game for children involving digging for worms

Question: 14/22Take your pick, y'all!

If someone is from Maryland, but has lived in Mississippi for 30 years, he/she is considered to be _____.
a southerner by default
a lady from Maryland who has lived in Mississippi for 30 years
a Yankee spy not to be trusted

Question: 15/22Take your pick, y'all!

What's another recognized name for boiled peanuts?
Goober peas
Bubba balls
Salty drops

Question: 16/22Take your pick, y'all!

What kind of fruit would you find in a Hummingbird Cake?
Banana and pineapple
Oranges and apples
Strawberries and peaches

Question: 17/22Take your pick, y'all!

Is chicken an ingredient in chicken fried steak?

Question: 18/22Take your pick, y'all!

What are the main ingredients in Hoppin' John?
Black beans and cornmeal
Pinto beans and grits
Black-eyed peas and rice

Question: 19/22Take your pick, y'all!

What is souse?
A mash made with grits and beef
A cold cut made with pigs head
A cocktail made with bourbon

Question: 20/22Take your pick, y'all!

What ingredient is NOT part of a standard Chess Pie?

Question: 21/22Take your pick, y'all!

True or false: Coca-Cola is the oldest soft drink still being made.

Question: 22/22Take your pick, y'all!

What is the breakfast food known as "the cereal of the South"?
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So you think you're from the South? Are you a true Southern belle, or is your knowledge of everything south of the Mason-Dixon Line more reminiscent of a Yankee's? If you grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line, you'll be able to pass this quiz easily... right? Are you from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, or Arkansas? Then don't get your britches twisted or your panties in a knot! Grab your overalls and a John Deere hat and come take this quiz. If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a hankerin’ for sweet tea and hush puppies. Have you ever watched a full Nascar race? ... been to a beauty pageant? ... been to a rodeo? Does your dream home have a front porch and rocking chairs? Have you ever had a crush on someone in a cowboy hat? Do you have southern drawl ? Would you agree that dixie isn't a place, it's a way of life? If you’ve never been south of the Mason-Dixon line, bless your heart! So sit a spell and answer these questions to see if you have what it takes to pass as a real southern belle or proper gentleman. Don’t worry, we won’t tan your hide if you don’t pass! So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button and take this ultimate Southern quiz to get your Southern score!