Quiz: Only 1 In 50 People Can Pass This 7th Grade Vocabulary Test? Can You?


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 Jan 31, 2018
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Trite (adj.)
Parallel to, next to
Repeated too often, overused
Easily convinced
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Bane (noun)
A pet fish
A cause of misery
A math problem
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Cobbler (noun)
Someone who mixes cocktails
Someone who grows peaches
Someone who repairs shoes
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Abdicate (verb)
To be hungry
To fall asleep
To give up a position
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Paradigm (noun)
Currency of China
A type of flower
The perfect model
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Rescind (verb)
To endorse
To volunteer
To cancel officially
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Qualm (noun)
A feeling of unease
A nun
A recommendation
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Loathe (verb)
To give details
To feel intense hatred
To celebrate
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Quaint (adj.)
Colorful and bright
Charming and unique
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Brazen (adj.)
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Famish (noun)
Extreme hunger
An animal
A mutiny
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Parched (adj.)
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Contingent (adj.)
Highly likely
Subject to chance
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Enunciate (verb)
To pronounce clearly
To commit a crime
To deteriorate
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Dire (adj.)
Extremely serious or urgent
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Gullible (adj.)
Easily fooled
Constantly relaxed
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Uncanny (adj.)
surpassing the ordinary or normal
only partly in existence; imperfectly formed
filled with bewilderment
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Inferior (adj.)
Lower in rank
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Unabashed (adj.)
tired or bored
not embarrassed
wasting time
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Vapid (adj.)
Offering nothing of substance
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Potent (adj.)
Low to the ground
Having great power/strength
Fast growing
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Conundrum (noun)
A container for fish
An expression of guilt
A confusing and difficult problem
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