Quiz: Bet You Can't Name ALL Of This Candy... Can You?

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little rascals via Universal Pictures/canva

How good is your sweet tooth?

How well do you actually know all of these popular and lesser known candies? Can you name them all based on one image!

 Jun 15, 2020
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Who doesn't love a sweet, mouth-watering piece of candy? How much do you think you know about candy? With thousands of varieties and shapes on the market, it's a wonder that anyone can keep track. But we're confident you have the sweet tooth for the task. Take a look at the unwrapped candy images in this quiz to see if you can identify which candy is which. Not all candies look or taste the same, but there is one commonality among all candy. We just can't get enough! 93% of Americans can't name this candy. Do you love chocolate? Are you a Skittles person or a Starburst person? Which candy is your favorite? Apparently there are people out there who "just don't like sweets," but to be honest - we kind of don't believe them. How could you not like ANYTHING sweet? Have you ever had a homemade peanut butter cup? I have, and it was amazing. What about an atomic fireball? It's sweet AND fiery hot! A little something sweet is a crucial part of any meal - they just make you feel like you've completed something, and now you're getting a sweet reward for all your hard work (even if that work was just eating a burger). So if you're the kind of person who can't resist a Twix, or someone who always has to have a roll of Life Savers in your bag at all times (yes, they still exist and they're great), this quiz is for you. If you've ever accidentally eaten a whole thing of candy beans, WE FEEL YOU. Just how big is that sweet tooth of yours? See how much you know about delicious candy. Candy is an American tradition. It makes every holiday (especially Halloween!) so much better. But how well do you actually know your candy? We invite you to look at a picture and then tell us if you know this candy.

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