Quiz: Are You South Philly Street Smart Enough To Answer These 15 Q's?

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Are you a South Philly native? Take this test and prove it!

A quiz about some of the most popular things and places in south Philadelphia that only natives would know.

 Dec 12, 2017
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Pat's Steaks is located across the street from what competitor?
Geno's Steaks
Phil's Steaks
Franklin's Steaks
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What does the word "Youse" mean?
You all
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The most popular street in South Philly with 11 blocks of shopping, eating and nightlife.
Promenade street
South Street
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This popular market is filled with great foods
Italian market
Asian market
Farmers' market
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This avenue has many shopping boutiques and fine dining with a relaxed atmosphere
East Passyunk Avenue
West avenue
East avenue
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This popular spot is located on East Passyunk Avenue
Cheesesteak corner
Cheesecake factory
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Snyder Avenue has four shopping complexes, true or false?
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What do Phillies say instead of "downtown"?
Center City
Middle Square
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This popular museum on 2 street is called...
The Macy's Museum
The Mummy Museum
The Mummers Museum
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The main road that divides Philadelphia into two halves
Broad Street
Palm Street
South Street
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South Philly is known for it's good...
French toast
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The most popular ethnic restaurants in South Philly are...
Italian restaurants
Greek restaurants
Spanish restaurants
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People from Philly love eating what yummy pastry?
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Philly's longest running dance studio
Dance nation
Philly Dance
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What goes on top of a Cheesesteak?
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