Quiz: Who Is Your Pixar Husband?

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Who's your hubby?

Answer these personality questions honestly to find out which Pixar heartthrob is your ideal future husband!

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Did you know that everyone has a Pixar heartthrob who would make an ideal husband for them based on their personality. If you answer these questions honestly, we'll be able to tell you which handsome animated character is your true soulmate! If your perfect Pixar husband is Lightning McQueen, buckle up! He's flashy, smooth, and will show you worlds you never knew! He's handsome, successful, driven, ambitious, and always on the move. You'll never be bored when you're out on a date with your hubby, Lightning McQueen. You'll teach him a thing or two also and together life in the fast lane will be grand! If your perfect Pixar husband is Buzz Lightyear, get ready to soar! He will teach you how to spread your wings and fly high! Sure, Buzz Lightyear can be a bit arrogant, but it's mostly a front because he loves so much and just wants to prove he's a valuable mate. He's intelligent, handsome, brave, and can always hold a conversation. If your perfect Pixar husband is Flick, hold onto him tightly! He's a kindhearted gentleman who will open up your mind to new things! He might be a little klutzy, so be there to pick him up when he falls! He has a good heart and will protect you at all costs. Flik is a true romantic at heart and will love to woo you and spend quality time with you on romantic date nights. He's full of surprises and loves to spoil you and treat you like the queen that you are. So who should you marry? Hit the play button and find out now!

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