Quiz: Can You Name Every One Of These Popular Movies By Just The School?

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Do you know Rydell High from Ridgemont High?

Can you actually name all of these classic and best-rated movies of all time by just the name of the school?

 Aug 27, 2018

1 of 24Rydell High School

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Paramount Pictures
Saturday Night Fever
Pulp Fiction

2 of 24Shermer High School

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Universal Pictures
The Breakfast Club

3 of 24Ridgemont High School

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

4 of 24Maryland School of Arts

13 Going On 30
Step Up

5 of 24Illyria High School

Amanda Bynes
Back to the Future
She's the Man
10 Things I Hate About You

6 of 24North Valley High School

hillary duff, school, cinderella story, thinking, blonde, high school
Back to the Future
A Cinderella Story
10 Things I Hate About You

7 of 24William Henry Harrison High School

she's all that, movies/tv
Miramax Films
She's All That
A Cinderella Story
13 Going On 30

8 of 24Ojai North High School

movies/tv, celebs, easy a, Emma Stone
Screen Gems
Easy A
A Cinderella Story

9 of 24American Eagle Christian High School

saved!, Mandy Moore, relgion, angel
A Cinderella Story

10 of 24Hickory High School

Hoosiers, movies/tv
Orion Pictures
13 Going On 30

11 of 24East High School

High School Musical, school, movies/tv, juju, movie, quiz
Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Back to the Future
High School Musical
10 Things I Hate About You

12 of 24Manchester Prep

cruel intentions
Cruel Intentions
A Cinderella Story

13 of 24Grove High School

the princess diaries, princess diaries, movies/tv
Buena Vista Pictures
The Princess Diaries

14 of 24Rancho Carne High School

Bring It On, Kristen Dunst, high school, college, school, smart, confused, cheerleader, SoSo
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Ferris Buller's Day Off
Bring It On
Funny Face

15 of 24South Glen South High School

20th Century Fox
Never Been Kissed
Pretty Woman
While You Were Sleeping

16 of 24Welton Academy

movies/tv, Dead poets society
Buena Vista Pictures
Seize the Day
Mrs. Doubtfire
Dead Poet's Society

17 of 24North Shore High School

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Paramount Pictures
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Bride Wars
Mean Girls

18 of 24Bronson Alcott High School

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Paramount Pictures
Sugar & Spice
But I'm a Cheerleader

19 of 24Wellesley College

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Columbia Pictures
Mona Lisa Smile
Mean Girls

20 of 24Padua High School

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Buena Vista Pictures
Hope Floats
10 Things I Hate About You
The Wedding SInger

21 of 24John Adams Middle School

Bad Teacher
Mean Girls

22 of 24Hogwarts School

harry potter, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter

23 of 24Horace Green Prep School

jack black, school of rock
Scott Rudin Productions
School of Rock
The Breakfast Club
The Aristocats

24 of 24Crunchem Hall Elementary School

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TriStar Pictures
The Nanny
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