Millennial Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Are you "woke" based on the words you know?

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 Jun 07, 2018
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Question: 1/25Pick the correct definition!

If someone gets "woke", they _____.
get awakened from sleep
become more socially aware
get tired

Question: 2/25Pick the correct definition!

What are "trolls"?
People who prank other people
People who are always mean
Creatures that live under bridges

Question: 3/25Pick the correct definition!

When someone tells you to "bounce", you _____.
run away as fast as you can
hop up and down
leave to do something else

Question: 4/25Pick the correct definition!

"RT" stands for _____.
Re Try

Question: 5/25Pick the correct definition!

"Turn up" means what?
Look upward
Go insane

Question: 6/25Pick the correct definition!

When someone "slays", they _____.
do an amazing job
look good
kill something

Question: 7/25Pick the correct definition!

When someone is "shook", they are _____.
in a fight

Question: 8/25Pick the correct definition!

What is a "fam"?
A group of people you care about
Blood relatives
An internet fad

Question: 9/25Pick the correct definition!

When someone calls you "extra", they are saying _____.
you are overweight
you are obnoxious
you are over the top excessive

Question: 10/25Pick the correct definition!

What does "throwing shade" mean?
Feelings of sadness while listening to an emotional song.
A sneaky way of putting someone down.
Being extremely generous.

Question: 11/25Pick the correct definition!

What does "adulting" mean?
Learning to grow up and accept responsibility.
Partying. Hard.
Working out in the gym religiously.

Question: 12/25Pick the correct definition!

What does the term "spilling the tea" mean?
Taking a nap.
Sharing gossip.
Eating breakfast.

Question: 13/25Pick the correct definition!

What does "sus" mean?

Question: 14/25Pick the correct definition!

What does "Netflix and Chill" really mean?
Watch something that doesn't require much attention.
Watch hulu.
Make out session and maybe more...

Question: 15/25Pick the correct definition!

What does it mean when something/someone is "on fleek"?
Running late
In fashion
Nailed it

Question: 16/25Pick the correct definition!

What does it mean when someone is "salty"?
They're bitter
They're not having fun
They're the life of the pary

Question: 17/25Pick the correct definition!

"Ship" is short for:

Question: 18/25Pick the correct definition!

"Straight fire" means something is:

Question: 19/25Pick the correct definition!

If someone is "thirsty," it means they're:

Question: 20/25Pick the correct definition!

What does "BAE" stand for:
Before Anything Else
Bacon and Eggs
Boyfriend and Entourage

Question: 21/25Pick the correct definition!

“JOMO” stands for:
Joy of Missing Out
Jinxed of Missing Out
Jealous of Missing Out

Question: 22/25Pick the correct definition!

If someone is “draking” they are:
Crushing on Drake
Listening to Drake songs on repeat
Being sad and emotional

Question: 23/25Pick the correct definition!

“Boots” is:
A term used to refer to the autumn season
A term added to the end of a sentence to add emphasis
Another term for booty calls

Question: 24/25Pick the correct definition!

“DTR” stands for:
Define the Relationship
Dare to Race
Dance to Rhythm

Question: 25/25Pick the correct definition!

“ICYMI” stands for:
In Case You Memorized It
In Case You Made It
In Case You Missed It | Quiz Facts

So you think you’re woke and a true wordsmith? This fun and challenging quiz is all about modern day millennial language! You will be asked to define their words, explain their phrases, and speak their language. Take this challenging quiz about millennial slang to see if you know all of their words, phrases, and language! The English language is forever changing. Slang is constantly being introduced and phased out. Just when you think that you have a handle on "LOL" and "WTF," more words become mainstream that don't seem to make any sense at all. That’s why it’s important to keep up with words of the day and their meanings. Do you have the vocabulary of a millennial? Show how woke, lit and on fleek you are by taking this quiz! Do your friends say that you're a walking dictionary? Prove it by taking this ultimate English language test! Let's see if you truly know the meaning of all these tricky words. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term "vocabulary" means "the words used by or known to a particular people" or, put more simply, "the words of a language." Some people like to impress others with their big vocabularies. Think you’ll be able to ace it? Or will you be begging for a retry? What are you waiting for? Grab a number 2 pencil and let’s get started! Hit the play button now to take this ultimate English vocabulary test!