Quiz: Can You Name Every Marvel Movie Ever Made?

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Are you a Marvel master?

If you're a true fan of all the different movies in the MCU franchise, you should be able to identify all these Marvel films!

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Calling all fans who are obsessed with the Marvel universe! Can you believe it's been so many years since the first film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man, came out? We're getting nostalgic just thinking about all the amazing Marvel Studios films that have been released within the past decade (and super excited for what's coming). Now is your chance to prove to us that you are a true Marvel Cinematic Universe fan by taking this quiz! If you were hooked on each and every MCU film from the moment it hit theaters, this quiz will be a breeze — and a trip down memory lane — for you. Find out how well you really know your Marvel movies ahead. The Marvel movies are also loosely produced in their own separate "worlds" – all obviously being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but they more or less stick within their own franchise. There is the Avengers franchise; the Avengers solo movies like Captain America, Iron Man, the Thor movies and even an Ant-Man movie. There is the Guardians of the Galaxy which makes an overlap in the new Avengers movie which is coming out later in 2018; and of course the X-Men movies. Pretty much everyone by now knows Marvel has been making widely popular film adaptations of the comic books for years. But just how well do you REALLY know them? Could you really recognize all of them by just one still from the films? It's time to find out if your movie knowledge is as strong as a superhero's! Good luck!

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