You HAVE To See This Artist's Visualization Of The Viral #MeToo Campaign

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Erin Gallagher

A multimedia artist has used software to visually map the hashtag's proliferation.

Unless you've completely avoided the internet the past couple months, you know that the viral #MeToo hashtag started spreading across social media as women spoke about about how frequently they are sexually harasses and assaulted.

Erin Gallagher, a multimedia artist and graphic designer, wanted to visualize this meaningful conversation on Twitter.

On October 15, Alyssa Milano tweeted for more women to speak out about their experiences as sexual predators in Hollywood and other industries were being exposed.

As the #MeToo tweets started trending on Twitter, Gallagher decided to track the use of the hashtag for 31 hours. She then used the data to produce a visually stunning graph of 24,722 tweets, mapped out to show how they spread throughout 10,709 distinct communities on Twitter.

Erin Gallagher

"I have never seen a hashtag network with so many communities before," Gallagher wrote. "The dense areas filled with what looks like white dots are tens of thousands of small groups of people connecting in the #MeToo hashtag."

Gallagher's art serves as a poignant reminder that as women find strength in numbers to speak out against misconduct against them, society still has a long way to go to end sexual violence.

"They're pretty to look at, but the context that I provide gives it depth."

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