This Overlooked Clue In Al Franken’s Resignation Speech Implies A Woman Will Replace Him

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Did you miss Franken’s hint that he will be succeeded by a woman senator?

After weeks of speculation, Al Franken announced his resignation from the United States Senate. Franked’s resignation comes after seven different women accused the Minnesota Senator of sexual misconduct.

Amid whispers of his impending resignation, many have also speculated that Franken will be replaced by a woman.

If you listen closely to Franken’s resignation speech from the Senate floor, it appears that the Senator implies this will be the case.

Franked leaves one subtle clue that a woman will replace him as Senator when he says the following words:

"The Minnesotans deserve a senator who can focus with all her energy on addressing the challenges they face every day.”

Is Franken’s use of the feminine pronoun ‘her’ a clue that he hopes a woman will fill his shoes and make amends for his alleged mistreatment of women?

Experts believe that Minnesota State Attorney General Lori Swanson is the likeliest candidate to succeed Franken.

Swanson is Minnesota’s first woman to be elected attorney general. She has served in the position since 2006.

Only time will tell who replaces Franken, but a woman successor seems like the right choice.

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