Was Taylor Swift’s Instagram Hacked? Why Are Taylor Swift’s Profile Pictures Blank On Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter?

Taylor Swift, Was Taylor Swift’s Instagram Hacked?, Why Are Taylor Swift’s Profile Pictures Blank On Instagram, facebook, And Twitter?

Talk about a ‘blank space'…

On Friday morning, the internet collectively freaked out when it noticed Taylor Swift had deleted all of her Instagram photos.

Fans are desperate to know: Was Taylor Swift's Instagram hacked? Why are her profile pictures blank on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?

The singer's Instagram account is now completely blank, without even so much as a profile caption or picture.


While Taylor's Facebook and Twitter accounts are still intact, all of her social media accounts are noticeably missing a profile picture.

It also appears that she has deleted all of her recent tweets and Facebook posts from the past few years. What. Is. Happening.

Was Taylor Swift's Instagram Hacked? Why Are Taylor Swift's Profile Pictures Blank On Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter?

Swift has been in the news a lot lately for her sexual assault trial against David Mueller. Is the singer simply trying to get out of the spotlight and public eye? Was she the latest victim of hackers on social media? Or is her sudden disappearance from social media a sign that she is about to make a major musical comeback?

Many fans are speculating that Taylor is about to announce her new album — especially since today is the 3 year anniversary of her announcing her 1989 album. Twitter is trending with the hashtag #TS6IsComing in reference to Taylor's impending sixth album release.

Whatever the reason, we can't wait to see what Taylor has planned.

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