Two-Year-Old Throws Tea Party For The Police Officer Who Saved Her Life

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Chelle Cates Photohraphy

This tea party for two is so cute it should be illegal.

Anyone who is a parent can understand the fear that his or her child might one day choke on a small object while innocently playing. That fear became a terrifying reality for one Texas mother when her daughter started choking on a coin.

Thankfully, Officer Patrick Ray was on duty when little Bexley Norvell needed him most.

"Her lips were completely blue," her mother, Tammy Norvell, said. "I could not believe how fast [Officer Ray] got here."

One year later, Bexley decided to thank her real life hero by throwing him a tea party.

Chelle Cates Photohraphy

Wearing her best pink dress and a flower crown, the 2-year-old tot sat down with the officer to share Apple Jacks and Oreos.

Chelle Cates Photohraphy

"I wanted to make something positive out of a negative thing," Norvell said. "I'm not going to let someone like that walk out of my life."

Chelle Cates Photohraphy

The unlikely friends have become an internet sensation, with photos from the tea party going viral on Facebook.

It seems clear that Officer P. and Little Miss B. are on track to being friends for life.

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