TrumpCare Considers Pregnancy A Pre-Existing Condition But Not Erectile Dysfunction

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Apparently being flaccid ‘trumps' being female…

Here's your daily reminder how sexist and perverted the current President of the United States and the good old boys of the Grand Old Party are:

C-Section is a pre-existing condition.

Erectile Dysfunction is not.

Donald Trump's new healthcare bill boldly claims that the most natural thing on the planet — giving birth — is a pre-existing condition.

If that weren't outrageous enough, other so-called "pre-existing conditions" outlined in the newly passed American Health Care Act now include cesarean sections, infertility treatment, postpartum depression, domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault.

In other words . . .

Women, we're screwed.

Speaking of screwing, it's interesting to note that erectile dysfunction doesn't make it on the list of pre-existing conditions in Trump's bill — a bill designed by 13 men and not a single woman.

Ironic how most of these new pre-existing conditions in the "MacArthur-Meadows Amendment" disproportionately affect women, yet this one very male medical problem was left out by one very male Congress.

As comedian Joy Behar joked on The View, Congress obviously wouldn't want to include ED in the list of pre-existing conditions because "they all have it!"

If the GOP's ACHA bill successfully passes through the Senate, it would allow insurance companies to deny coverage or raise the premiums for all sorts of female-specific issues. It could even cost any woman who has ever been pregnant $17,000 more than men — that's a 425% increase in premium prices.

Under Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare), insurance companies were prohibited from denying coverage to women or pricing them out of their coverage for these very reasons.

The the new bill's gender disparity regarding what qualifies as a pre-existing condition is a clear indicator that TrumpCare is an assault on women's health.

Even more upsetting is the fact that every member of the Senate and the House is currently exempt from the repeal of the ObamaCare protections. While the Senate could vote to repeal this loophole in the law, it would require more votes than those required to pass the AHCA itself.

If TrumpCare passes the Senate, every old, white Congressman gets to keep popping his little blue pills while the rest of America pays the price.

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