Trump Is So Sociopathic He Needs A 'Care About Dead Students' Cheat Sheet


In a move that shocked literally no one, Donald Trump brought a list of talking points with him when meeting with survivors and family members of the recent Parkland school shooting.

Luckily for America, we were able to get a glimpse of the oh-so-sympathetic notes the President needed to appear like a caring human being for once.

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Although his hands were partly covering some words, photographers at the listening session were able to capture most of the contents on the piece of paper:

  1. What would you most want me to know about your experience.
  2. What ca we do to help you feel safer?
  3. Do you [illegible] see something [illegible] something [illegible] effective?
  4. resources? ideas?
  5. I hear you.

Notes of a very stable genius, indeed.

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The simplistic talking points that Trump's staff jotted down for him reveal a lot about his ability to empathize — or lack thereof.

It's no surprise that Trump needs a script to emote anything remotely empathetic sounding when speaking to a group of people whose loved ones have just been slaughtered. After all, the man is prone to angry outbursts, cynicism, and insensitive behavior during times of tragedy.

The most ironic part is that Trump needed a reminded to say "I hear you" at the end of the listening session.

You might hear them, Donny, but you don't understand a word that they're saying.

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