The Most Important Quality Men Look For In A Partner, According To A New Survey

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The answer might surprise you...

When it comes to attracting and being attracted to a romantic partner, it turns out we all tend to look for and prioritize the same qualities.

So which quality do men — or women — find most important in a partner?

A new survey from YouGov asked over 7,000 men and women for their thoughts, and the results might surprise you a little.

The number one most important quality in a partner for both men and woman was personality. Which qualities came next? Let's break it down:

1. Personality

41% of men and 38% of women ranked personality as number one.

2. Similar Interests

18% of men and 21% of women ranked having things in common as their number one concern

3. Intelligence

13% of men and 15% of women ranked being smart as their number one priority.

4. Looks

18% of men and 10% of women ranked physical appearance as their number one concern

5. Sense of humor

9% of men and 13% of women ranked having a sense of humor as their number one priority.

6. Money

2% of men and 3% of women ranked making a good amount of money as their number one concern

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