7 Perfect Careers All Bookworms Will Love

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If your nose is always buried in a book, these jobs are meant for you!

Not everyone can spend all their time reading, but for bookworms it's one of the best pastimes imaginable.

If you're addicted to reading and always seem to have your nose buried in a book, these careers would be perfect for you:

1. Blogger


Whether you write for already-established blogs or decide to start your own website, blogging can be a great career for those who love the freedom of working from home on your own schedule.

2. Novelist


Publishing your own book or finding an agent is one of the toughest but most satisfying careers for book nerds who can't stop jotting down their ideas.

3. Editor

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As an editor, you'll get to read, critique, and improve others' writing. Whether you work for a magazine, a publishing house, or an online publication, you'll spend most of your time reading.

4. Publisher

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Working for a publishing house means you'll get to review and select manuscripts to eventually publish as official books. What could be better?

5. English Professor


As an English professor, you'll get to read books of your choice with your students and discuss them at length. You'll also spend a good amount of your time editing and grading papers. Sounds like a dream job to us!

6. Librarian

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Librarians don't spend all their time reading despite being surrounded by books, but they do get to share their love of reading with other people. You'll also get to develop the library's collection and have access to new book releases before anyone else.

7. Literary Agent

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Literary agents represent writers and help facilitate negotiations between the authors and the publishers.