No Easy ‘Feet’: How To Walk In Heels On Ice


Don't slip up with these 3 savvy tips.

If you're like me, then you're not the most willing to sacrifice fashion for function. As a petite 5-foot female, I love wearing dresses and heels all year round. Luckily, I live in sunny Los Angeles, California now and don't really have to deal with that pesky thing called "weather".

But when I still lived in the Frozen Tundra also known as the Midwest, I dealt with some pretty harsh winters. While oh-so-adorable tights and chic pea coats allowed me to wear dresses without freezing to death, what I wore on my feet was a different story.

Sometimes it seemed like I only had two options:

1. Suck it up, wear ugly boots, and walk without the risk of looking like Bambi on a frozen lake.

2. Throw caution to the wind, wear pretty heels, and face certain death by falling on black ice.

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Naturally, I almost always chose the latter. A girl can only wear riding boots so many days a week, and I wasn't about to be caught dead in Uggs... (*shudder*).

If you're as stubborn as me and determined to look like Carrie Bradshaw all year round, here are some helpful tips to keep you from eating it like this woman:


The most sure-fire way to slip on ice is if you're wearing stilettos. Opt for a thicker heel so your feet have a lot more stability.


They're pink. They're discreet. They're portable. What's not to love? Traction pads meant specifically for heels will help you grip the ice rather than slide over it.


Carrying your heels and wearing portable flats is your safest and best bet. You can easily change into your heels when you get to your destination, and the flats are small enough to store in your purse.

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