Husband Sends Valentine's Day Roses To Another Woman, But You'll Never Guess What Happens Next

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His note on the card will leave you stunned.

Finding out that your husband sent red roses to another woman for Valentine's Day would be most women's worst nightmare.

This nightmare became a reality for one Southern California woman when she suspected her husband of cheating — or so it seemed.

The day before Valentine's Day, Caroline from Long Beach called KIIS FM's radio personality Ryan Seacrest in a desperate attempt to uncover her husband's infidelity.

In his segment called Ryan's Roses, Ryan's co-host Sisanie calls accused cheaters and imitates a florist who offers them a dozen free red roses to be sent to anybody of their choosing. Most of the time, the unsuspecting person sends the flowers to someone other than the wife / girlfriend / partner and the truth comes out on the air for all to hear.

But this fateful 2017 Valentine's Day call had something much more surprising in store for everyone involved.

A confused and worried Caroline explains to Ryan that her husband Mike mysteriously postponed their Valentine's Day plans, claiming he has to work late on the 14th.

Preparing for the worst, Ryan and Sisanie dial Mike's number to get to the bottom of everything . . . and what they discover is nothing short of shocking.

Sisanie the fake florist offers an unwitting Mike a dozen free red roses to send to someone for Valentine's Day. When Mike tells her that he'd like to send flowers to a woman named Andrea, the hearts of listeners everywhere drop for Caroline.

Prying for more information, Sisanie then asks him what note he would like to put on the card. Mike replies, "These are for you. Without you, I wouldn't have a Valentine."

Convinced that he is cheating, Ryan Seacrest breaks his silence and confronts Mike about sending flowers to a woman who is not his wife.

But before he can continue inquiring about the other woman, Caroline begins crying hysterically into the phone — just not for the reason you'd expect.

An emotional Caroline suddenly addresses her blindsided husband: "You're sending flowers to my mom? That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me!"

Still trying to wrap their heads around the situation, Ryan and Sisanie ask Mike to explain what just happened.

Mike tells them that his father-in-law passed away recently, so he wanted to do something sweet for his mother-in-law. His note to Andrea was expressing his gratitude because without her, he wouldn't have a Valentine — her daughter.

When the bewildered Mike and relieved Caroline both hang up the phone, Ryan can't believe how great of a husband Mike turns out to be. Convinced Mike lied about having to work and is actually planning to surprise his wife on Valentine's Day, he can't help but feel guilty for making the call.

"We're horrible people," he quips to Sisanie.

In perhaps the sweetest Ryan's Roses segment ever, one thoughtful husband proved that not sending flowers to your wife might just be the best way to show your love after all.

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