Frat Parties 101: Don’t Lose Your Jacket With This Life-Changing Tip

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Because a sorority girl needs to stay warm en route to her booze blanket.

If you're an unfortunate soul like me who went to college in the frozen tundra also known as the Midwest, then you know how miserable it gets walking across campus during the winter.

Even more miserable is walking across campus during the winter, jacket-less after someone stole yours from the pile of coats on some guy's bed.(Trust me, I know this from experience.)

I still shudder at the thought of drunk 18-year-old me walking through the slush and snow in nothing but a dress and four inch heels all the way home from Frat Row.

When you know you're heading to a stuffy, sweaty Frat party, it can be tempting to ditch wearing a jacket all together. But sometimes Mother Nature just won't allow that.

To keep your jacket from getting lost in the communal pile in that random guy's bedroom or stolen from your drunk sorority sister, follow this one simple trick:

Store your jacket away in a kitchen cupboard or drawer. Chances are the kitchen will be completely empty (especially if the Frat house has a chef or catered meals).

Think about it: Thieves and drunk party-goers are WAY more likely to take your jacket from the coat room or communal pile than they are from the Lazy Susan cabinet all the way down the hall.

If you're worried you won't remember where you stored your coat once you've had a few drinks, write it down in your phone's Notes, text it to yourself, or even take a picture of the exact hiding spot.

You'll never do the Walk of Shame jacket-less again!

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