America Just Made History With The 2017 Election Of 5 "Firsts"

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Our country's most recent election was a major win for progress.

This week, American voters went to the polls and made it clear that they want inclusion and progress in our democracy. The November 7th elections resulted in five "firsts" — representatives dedicated to improving their communities and the nation at large.

This is what democracy looks like:

The First Sikh Mayor in U.S. History: Ravinder Bhalla

The First Latinas in the Virginia State House: Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala.

The First Transgender State Representative in U.S. History That Openly Ran as Trans: Andrea Jenkins

The First Black Woman Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina: Vi Lyles

Congratulations to all of the newly elected officials who stepped into leadership because they believe our country deserves better.