9 Tweets That Will Shatter Your Pretty-Girl Blindness For Ivanka Trump


Don't let the beautiful blonde exterior fool you — Ivanka is nothing more than a product of nepotism wrapped in a pretty pink bow.

While Ivanka Trump might try to present herself as the voice of reason in the White House, the First Daughter is anything but reasonable.

In fact, as Saturday Night Live so brilliantly pointed out, Ivanka is often complicit in her father's less-than-rational behavior.

Ivanka's past statements often clash with the president's views — and sometimes even her own.

We've rounded up 9 of the most ironic statements Ivanka has tweeted that demonstrate how hypocritical and complicit she actually is regarding her father's policies and views. She is not the feminist, humanitarian champion for Americans that she wants you to believe she is.

Don't let the beautiful blonde exterior fool you — Ivanka is nothing more than a product of nepotism wrapped in a pretty pink bow.

1. Ivanka Claimed To Be A Champion Of Feminism Amidst Helping Elect A Non-Feminist To Office

Ivanka's faux-feminism gives Taylor Swift a run for her money. So far, she's done little to stop daddy dearest from enacting contradictory policies that could hurt women's healthcare, income, and other rights.

2. Ivanka Had Her Unpaid Interns Write About Penny-Pinching For Her Lifestyle Blog While She Made Millions

That awkward moment when you're a multimillionare but can't pay your interns...

3. Ivanka Called For Religious Tolerance While Her Father Called For A Muslim Ban

If only she spent half the time she spends on her looks on convincing her father that shutting down mosques might not be an appropriate response to terrorism.

4. Ivanka Claimed To Be An LGBTQ Ally Before Her Father Banned Trans People From The Military

Apparently the Trumps have no love for the T in LGBTQ...

5. Ivanka Praised Equal Pay For Women As Her Father Revoked The Fair Pay And Safe Workplaces Order

Equal Pay... JK!

6. Ivanka Honored Libraries As Her Father Sought To Defund Them

Pretty sure honoring and defunding libraries are NOT the same thing.

7. Ivanka Called To End The Refugee Crisis Amidst Her Father’s Muslim Travel Ban

Well, this is awkward...

8. Ivanka Called Out Neo-Nazis Before Her Father Called Them "Very Fine People" And Blamed “Both Sides"

At least her platitude came sooner than her dear old dad's. The Donald took 2 full days before he specifically denounced the KKK and neo-Nazis.

9. Ivanka Called Trump Critics “Vicious” After Her Father Called Mexicans Rapists, Mocked The Disabled, And Grabbed Women By The Pussy

Ivanka, have you even met your father before?

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