16 Questions We NEED Answered Before 'Pretty Little Liars' Ends

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The Liars better not take these secrets to the grave…

Unless you've been living under a pretty little rock, chances are you've heard about A.

The infamous Pretty Little Liars villain has been torturing the Rosewood girls and PLL viewers alike for the last 7 years.

If you're a dedicated member of the PLL Army, then we know you're anxious to finally unmask Uber A as season 7 FINALLY comes to a close.

Here are the 16 questions we still need answered before the Pretty Little Liars series ends:

1. Why are the Liars hated so much?

2. Why were so many girls wearing Ali’s yellow top, and what actually happened the night Ali disappeared?

3. What the hell was the N.A.T. Club hiding?

4. Who are Beach Hottie and Board Shorts?

5. What did the phrase, “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife” actually mean?

6. Who killed Maya and what did she know?

7. Are Bethany Young and Sara Harvey connected somehow?

8. Who killed Charlotte… and who is her father?

9. Where the hell is Wren? Is he really a doctor? And what does he have to do with everything?

10. How did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria? And why did he disappear?

11. Why was Aria’s file missing from the bunker? Sketttccchhhyyyy.

12. Who shot Spencer?

13. Is Mary Drake really Spencer’s mother, and how many kids does she have?

14. Is there another pair of twins in Rosewood besides Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis?

15. Who all has been on the A Team, and was it by choice or by blackmail?

16. Who the FUCK is A.D. / Uber A already?!?!?!

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