Quiz: Can We Guess Your Level Of Education Based On This IQ Scale Test?

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Are you a college graduate or a high school drop out?

Answer these random questions and we'll guess your level of education. No matter how much education you have, it will be revealed by this quiz!

 Sep 06, 2018

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Name the world's largest ocean.
The Arctic
The Pacific
The Indian

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What does the word apartheid mean?
Racial descrimination
High ocean tides
Going to jail

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What is the study of fossils and dinosaurs called?

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Someone who is disingenuous is...

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What does it mean to digress?
To react aggressively
To focus on the subject
To get off topic

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The shape of DNA is referred to as ___________.
A double helix
A triangle
A triple bypass

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Which of the following can antibiotics NOT treat?
A cold
Strep throat
A urinary tract infection

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"Righty-tighty, lefty ______________".

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If someone asks for a Phillips head screwdriver you would give them:
The one with a tip resembling an "X" or a cross
The one with a single ridge at its tip
The one with a tip resembling a 6 star shape

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Where does a preamble appear in a book?
At the end
At the back cover
At the beginning

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Which of these fruits has the highest sugar content?

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Which color absorbs the most heat?

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Which of these words is an onomatopoeia?

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How many continents are there?

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Which of these is a palindrome?

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An octagon has how many sides?

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When did Columbus land in North America?

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Who was famous for refusing to give up her seat on the bus?
Rosa Parks
Harriett Tubman
Susan B. Anthony

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Who is the Commander in Chief of the military?
The President
The Supreme Court
The Chief of Defense

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How is the number 5 written in Roman numerals?
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