Quiz: Italian Cooking - It's A Thing. How Many Dishes Do You Know?

Do you know your cannoli from your capellini?

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 Jun 02, 2018
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Question: 1/20Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is not on a "pizza margherita"?
Tomato sauce

Question: 2/20Pick the correct answer!

What is the main ingredient of "melanzane parmigiana"?

Question: 3/20Pick the correct answer!

What is the main ingredient in "gnocchi"?

Question: 4/20Pick the correct answer!

What are "cannolis" usually filled with?
Cream cheese
Ricotta cheese

Question: 5/20Pick the correct answer!

The Italian dish "Saltimbocca" traditionally uses what meat?

Question: 6/20Pick the correct answer!

Which of these pasta sauces is cream-based?

Question: 7/20Pick the correct answer!

What Italian desert consists of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and brandy?
Ricotta pie

Question: 8/20Pick the correct answer!

It is common for baked ziti to include all of the following EXCEPT?

Question: 9/20Pick the correct answer!

The main ingredients in carbonara sauce are ________.
pesto and hot peppers
egg and bacon
anchovies and olives

Question: 10/20Pick the correct answer!

The main ingredients in bolognese sauce are _________.
basil and pine nuts
anchovies and olives
ground meat and tomato paste

Question: 11/20Pick the correct answer!

Besides spaghetti, the main ingredients in spaghetti alla puttanesca are ________.
anchovies and olives
capers and fish eyeballs
basil and pine nuts

Question: 12/20Pick the correct answer!

The main ingredients of caprese salad are tomato, basil, and _________ cheese.

Question: 13/20Pick the correct answer!

The main ingredients in pesto alla genovese are _________.
capers and onions
basil and pine nuts
cream and parmesan cheese

Question: 14/20Pick the correct answer!

What are stuffed rice balls which are coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried called?

Question: 15/20Pick the correct answer!

What is grilled bread, olive oil, salt, tomatoes and other various toppings called?
Sun dried tomato and arugula pizza

Question: 16/20Pick the correct answer!

An Italian dish that is described as Florentine or Fiorentina includes _____.
soy sauce
curry powder

Question: 17/20Pick the correct answer!

What are the two main ingredients in cacio e pepe?
Basil and pine nuts
Sugar and flour
Cheese and black pepper

Question: 18/20Pick the correct answer!

The sauce in spaghetti aglio e olio contains _____.
basil and pine nuts
garlic and olive oil
vodka and cream

Question: 19/20Pick the correct answer!

What does the Christmas cake, Panettone, usually contain?
Sultanas and fruit pieces
Black pepper
Lemon curd

Question: 20/20Pick the correct answer!

What is Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, salt, olive oil, and yeast called?
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