Grammar Quiz: Can You Pass This Tricky Participle Test?

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Do you remember what you were taught in English class?

Do you remember what a participle is and how one is used in a sentence? This quiz will take you back to your old English lessons!

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Calling all grammar nerds! We're about to throwback to your old days of English class! Were you amazing in school? Are you a self-proclaimed grammar nazi? Do you still remember all the grammar rules and parts of speech you learned back then? Or is your knowledge of the English language a little rusty? To refresh your memory, today's lesson is all about participles. Will you be able to pass?

A participle is a verb that is used as an adjective in a sentence. It is not the main verb of the sentence and does not have a subject. Present participles end in "-ing", and past participles often end in "-ed", "-d", or "-t". There are two ways of locating a participle: First, you can look for words that can be used as the verb in the sentence. Then determine which is the main verb of the sentence. Then ask what the other verbal is modifying, or describing. Second, you can locate the nouns in the sentence. Look for words that could be used as verbs and ask your self if they answer the adjective questions about the nouns.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, then we think you're ready to put your English knowledge to the ultimate test. We're going to show you a series of random sentences varying in their structure and length. All you need to do is locate the correct participle in each sentence in order to pass and get an A on this exam. Sounds easy, right? Great! Hit the play button now and show us you're the biggest grammar nerd around.

If you want more quizzes about grammar, you can take more here! But for now, take this tricky participle grammar quiz to see how much you know! Knowing the correct participles can be super hard, so that makes acing this quiz even more rewarding! Good luck!

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