Quiz: Only People With A Killer Memory Can Ace This "Friends" Season 1 Quiz

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How much of a FRIENDS fanatic are you really?

A true FRIENDS fanatic should be able to pass this Season 1 trivia quiz without getting any help from Ross and his unagi powers! Are you a true fan?

 Sep 14, 2020

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Why did Rachel bail on her wedding?
She didn’t love him anymore
She had a secret boyfriend
He cheated on her

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Which friend struggles with smoking?

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Why did Ross have to go to the emergency room?
He got slapped in the face by an ex
He got punched in the face by a student
He got hit in the face with a hockey puck

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Where do Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time?
The gym
The apartment
The laundromat

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What supermodel does Chandler get stuck in an ATM with?
Adriana Lima
Jill Goodacre
Alessandra Ambrosio

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Who fell into an open grave at Nana's funeral?

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What do the friends eat for their first Thanksgiving together as a group of six?
Chinese takeout and pizza
grilled cheese and tomato soup
tacos and tamales

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Whose mom did Ross kiss?

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Who accidentally walked in on Rachel after a shower?

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Instead of firing the employee he is supposed to fire, Chandler ends up _____.
giving her a raise
asking her out instead
offering her a promotion

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Who teaches the girls to play poker?
Monica’s Aunt Iris
Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula
Chandler's girlfriend Janice

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When Monica is the victim of credit card fraud, she _____.
calls the police
breaks down and cries
befriends the thief

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Who accidentally tells Rachel that Ross loves her?

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Why does Rachel break up with Paolo?
He hits on Phoebe
He wants to move to Italy
He insults her job

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Rachel finds out that _____ is engaged to her ex-fiancé.
her old co-worker Denise
her sister Sarah
her best friend Mindy

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What ridiculously expensive gift did Ross give Carol when he fell in love with her?
A Chinese tea set
A diamond necklace
A crystal duck

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Joey gets a role in a major film as a butt double for _____.
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Jack Nicholson

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What word does Rachel misspell on her resume?

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What does Rachel's dad offer to buy her if she leaves the city and moves back home?
A Mercedes
A puppy
A boat

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Friends, tv
Jack Geller
Barry Farber

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Friends, tv
Nana Geller
Judy Geller
Nora Tyler Bing

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Friends, tv
Carol Willick
Susan Bunch

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Friends, tv
Fun Bobby

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Friends, tv
Mindy Hunter-Farber
Janice Goralnik
Ursula Buffay

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Friends, tv
Mr. Heckles
Ugly Naked Guy
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Warning! This test is only for the Friends fans who know their stuff! We'll be covering everything from ex-partners to funniest moments to character names to trivia. From the word go Friends stormed the nation. We all fell in love with this show and all the characters in it. Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica are hysterical to watch because each of them is so relatable- it's pretty much relatable to every demographic! So it's not surprising we can't get enough of the reruns even though it first aired so many years ago! Fans and viewers of this fabulous group of 6 friends have grown to love every single of of the eccentric and quirky characters that have come into and out of their loves over the years. And those who consider themselves at ultimate fans have probably seen all 236 episodes at least five times. But just how much do you really remember about the very first season? Could you BE any more excited to test your knowledge of Friends? The show had so many bizarre and hilarious moments that it's hard to keep track of them all. That's why we've compiled this series of trivia questions that only a real Friends fan will be able to answer on the first try. Do you have what it takes to get the top score? Or will you need the help of Ross's Unagi to pass? Only one way to find out! Hit the play button now if you don't want to be accused of being a Smelly Cat!