Quiz: Only A "Friends" Fanatic Can Name All Of These Characters. Can You?

tv, Friends, lisa kudrow as phoebe buffay

"Joey doesn't share food!"

Take this tv trivia quiz and see how well you know the hit television series "Friends" and see if you can name all of these characters!

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Is there a better show out there than FRIENDS? This longtime-running show has been on air (and broadcasting repeats) for years and years now for one obvious reason — it's amazing. Fans and viewers of this fabulous group of 6 friends have grown to love every single of of the eccentric and quirky characters that have come into and out of their loves over the years. But just how many of these people can you actually recognize. Pretty much everyone knows the core six, but not everyone will be able to name the more minor and supporting people who appeared on this successful sitcom. Think you can pick the following characters out of a line up without cheating: Jack Geller, Barry Farber, Gunther, Marcel, Mr. Heckles, Paolo, Fun Bobby, David, Ben Geller, Richard Burke, Frank Buffay Jr., Mike Hannigan, Mr. Treeger, Judy Geller, Susan Bunch, Carol Willick, Janice Goralnik, Nora Tyler Bing, Ursula Buffay, Julie, Estelle Leonard, Emily Waltham, Amy Green, Jill Green, and Dina Tribbiani? If you know all these hilarious and heartwarming characters, then you're probably on your way to being named the ultimate FRIENDS fan for life. If you love everything about this show from Ross's trivia game and Central Perk's coffee to Phoebe's evil twin and her terrible Smelly Cat song, then we know this quiz will brighten your day and put a huge smile on your face. Have fun looking at all of these characters and trying to guess who each of them are. And good luck!

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