Only An English Teacher Can Get 100% On This Tricky Vocab Quiz. Can You?

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No dictionaries allowed!

We bet you can't get a perfect score on this ultimate English vocabulary test on the first try without cheating!

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Looking for a fun English language quiz? You've come to the right place! Let's test your smarts and see if you have what it takes to earn a Ph.D in English. We've put together a quiz to test your brain and see if you're capable of recognizing and defining all of these words that true scholars and wordsmiths alike should know. Do you easily recognize words and their definitions? Do you remember the long days of studying your vocabulary words for the dreaded (yet inevitable) tests that lay ahead? Some students choose to take education a step further and pursue a graduate degree such as a Ph.D. These students are faced with words that are more difficult than some of us can imagine.

These definitions and many others lie ahead for those who feel confident enough to answer them. If you think you've got a true way with words, then you're going to ace this fun English language test on the first try! Let's get started to see if you have what it takes to ace this vocab test on your first try! If not, you'll be able to retake it until you're happy with your score. Good luck to you!

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