Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Disney Songs By One Lyric?

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Walt Disney

"Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme..."

Disney songs are certainly catchy, but are they catchy enough for you to recall which Disney animated film they appeared in?

 Jan 01, 2019
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Can you go the distance like Hercules and ace this Disney music quiz? Only someone who is truly song savvy will be able to match all of these iconic Disney tunes to the animated films they appeared in. Disney has composed countless songs for its characters over the decades, and many of them are still just as recognizable today! But will you be smart enough to match all of these tricky tunes without cheating? Think you can sing along with Ariel when she sings she wants to be a part of the human world or with Sebastian when he wants Prince Eric to kiss the girl? Do you remember what Cinderella used to sing to herself while she was cleaning the house and doing chores for Lady Tremaine, or how she would serenade the animals who helped her get ready in the morning? How about the lyrics to the songs Snow White's seven dwarves sing when they're working in the mines? Can you recall all the lyrics Mrs. Potts sang when Belle was dancing with the Beast, or the incredible performance Lumiere and Cogsworth put on for Belle when they first made her dinner in the castle? Do you know what Pocahontas sang to John Smith when she first met him and told him he was wrong to judge her and her people before he really knew them? What song did Mulan and her fellow soldiers sing when they were training to go to war with the huns? Sing along and hit the play button now!