Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Walt Disney's "Cinderella"?

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From evil stepsisters to glass slippers, how much do you remember?

Only the truest of Disney fans will know all the answers to these Cinderella plot and character questions!

 Jan 30, 2019

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Who does Cinderella rescue from the trap in the beginning?

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What is the name of Lady Tremaine's cat?

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How many evil stepsisters did Cinderella have?

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Jaq and Gus are _____.

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Walt Disney Studios

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How did the mice decide who would distract the cat in order to get food?
They played rock, paper, scissors
They chose via eeny meeny miny moe
They pulled tails

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First thing in the morning, Cinderella goes out and feed what animals?

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Why did the royals want to throw a ball for the public?
To raise money for charity
To find the prince a wife
To show off a castle

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Walt Disney

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What were the conditions for Cinderella to attend the ball?
She had to help her stepsisters get dressed and make her own dress
She had to finish her chores and find a suitable dress
She had to pretend not to know them and leave the ball early

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What dress was Cinderella going to wear to the ball?
A hand-me-down from her evil stepsisters
One of her mother’s that she refashioned
One she found in the attic

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What color was Cinderella's original dress for the ball before her evil stepsisters destroyed it?

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Who did the Fairy Godmother turn into horses?
The mice
The birds
The chickens

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Walt Disney Studios

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How did the prince try to find Cinderella?
Every maiden had to try on the lost glass slipper
He held another ball for every eligible maiden
He went house to house looking for a blonde girl

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Lady Tremaine recognizes Cinderella at the ball. True or False?

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Walt Disney
Lady Tremaine

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How does Cinderella escape her room in time to try on the glass slipper?
Jaq and Gus got her the key
Jaw and Gus pick the lock
She climbs out the window and down the vines

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How does the glass slipper break?
Anastasia and Drizella drop it while fighting over it
The Grand Duke accidentally drops it
Lady Tremaine trips the footman who drops it

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Without the slipper, how did Cinderella prove she was the mystery girl?
She recounted their conversation at the ball
She pulled out the ballgown she wore
She had the other glass slipper
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Calling all those who know a dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep! Cinderella is one of the most classic Disney films of all time, and it's one people everywhere will always cherish. It has a ton of memorable songs, and features magical moments we'll never forget. Every little girl dreams of growing up to find her own Prince Charming. (Let's be honest, we also dream about having our very own legion of small woodland creatures who help sew magnificent dresses for us, am I right?) The ball, the fairy godmother, the glittery horse carriage, the entirely inappropriate and super outdated way for a prince to choose his mate… It's all magical beyond belief. But unless you're Cinderella-obsessed to this very day, you might not remember every single detail from the animated classic. Those step-sisters are mighty ugly…but what are their names? Remember that evil cat? He has a name too… And what did poor Cinderella leave behind as she rushed from the castle? So, in honor of how much we love it, we decided to reflect on every last detail that made it so great. Consider yourself a Cinderella expert? Take our movie challenge! While other Cinderella quizzes might have left you "happily ever after," it might take more than a magic wand to get through the ultimate Cinderella trivia quiz. See if the shoe fits and slip on this tricky quiz about the most well-known rags to riches story in the kingdom! Your carriage awaits!