Quiz: Most People Can't Name All 22 Of These Classic Cartoon Animals

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Think you can recognize all of these critters?

Are you a fan of classic animation and cute critters? Take this trivia quiz and see if you can name all of these cartoon animals by one image!

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Ehh... what's up, doc? Are you a cartoon connoisseur? Cartoons have always been a big deal. The 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s produced some of the most memorable, classic, funny, and unique cartoons of all times. In fact, many of these classic cartoons are often still running on television decades later today. There are plenty of great television shows and movies that just happen to be animated, and some of them have been beloved by today's adults since they were children growing up in front of the small screen and silver screen alike. Take this challenging trivia quiz to test your ultimate cartoon knowledge and see if you can name these cartoon characters just by a single image! This quiz will test your knowledge of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time! If you consider yourself an expert on all things animation and entertainment, put your TV and movie skills to the test. How many of these TV show and movie animated people and animals can you name based on only one photo of the character? But don't think this quiz will be super easy - there are WAY more animated movies and shows out there than just the popular Disney ones everyone seems to know. Want to prove you're a real animated expert? Then you're going to have to match up all of these characters to their correct names by just one screenshot to pass. We bet we can trick you on at least a few of these trickier quiz questions! Let's see if you have what it takes!

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