Quiz: How Many Of These Britney Spears Songs Can You Name By Just 1 Lyric?

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"It might seem like a crush but it doesn't mean that I'm serious..."

Are you an expert on the Queen of Pop? See if you can truly call yourself a Britney Spears fan and try to name all of these songs by just a few lyrics!

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Are you a true fan of Britney Spears, or just a wannabe? Did you grow up in the 90s, because if you did, then there's no way you don't know at least some of her all time greatest hit singles! Britney Spears is a goddess of pop — many consider her the QUEEN. Britney Spears lives life to her own tune, and most of the time it's super up-tempo. If you're a fan of pop, or just a culture aficionado and think you've got a handle on the the aughts, you better be ready to ace this quiz. You might think you know Britney, but we're going to take this trivia to another level, and maybe just drive you crazy. You'll have to be on the top of your game, even stronger than ever before, to get 100 percent on this one. Let's find out if you're a real-deal Britney fan, or if you're just in it for the gossip. This quiz will test your knowledge of all the biggest hit singles by the Princess of Pop. Her classics include songs like Oops I Did It Again, Baby One More Time, Toxic, and more. How many lyrics will you be able to sing along to? Will you be able to beat this quiz and prove you'e the ultimate Britney fan? Do you love Britney Spears? Do you know all of her many hit songs by heart? Britney Spears is a pop icon that everyone knows and anyone with a brain cell loves.

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