Austin Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Do you know all about Austin?

Someone who is proud to be from Austin will have a lot of fun taking this Texas challenge. Can you get a perfect score?

 Mar 05, 2019

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If your folks are cookin' up something hearty in the AM, you know they'll most likely be making _____.
breakfast sandwiches
breakfast tacos
breakfast crepes

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In Austin, even our buildings are pretty. The capitol building is made out of what color granite?

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Everyone knows Austin is Texas's present capital, but it was previously _____.

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Which 90s cult classic high school movie was filmed in Austin?
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Dazed and Confused

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Los Angeles might have Austin beat, but there's an average of close to 300 _____ days each year.

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What popular state university's campus is located in the heart of Austin?
University of Texas
Texas A&M
Texas Tech

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Hit it! Austin is the _____ Music Capital of the World.

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We hope you're not afraid! There are over 750,000 _____ flying around Austin!

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It might be known as the Reggae Festival now, but it will always be _____ in your heart.
BM Festival
Bob Festival
Marley Festival

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Austin locals like to shop healthy! What national chain grocery store was started here?
Whole Foods
Trader Joes

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you should know that Austin is a very politically _____ city.

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South by Southwest and Pecan Street Festival take place on what popular downtown street?
Third Street
Tenth Street
Sixth Street

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When you live in Austin, you either have too much _____ in your closet, or none at all.
pastel yellow
burnt orange
neon green

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Which annual music festival takes place in Zilker Park?
Austin City Limits

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Finish the phrase: "Hook ‘em, _____!"

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Instead of writing out South by Southwest all the time, locals often shorten it to _____.

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You can be sure to find all the tourists taking photos in front of the "_____" postcard mural.
So Long, Austin
Greetings from Austin
We Love Austin

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Who is the beloved University of Texas mascot?
The Longhorns!
The Riders!
The Cowboys!

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When it comes to the city's culture, locals are dedicated to one mantra: "Keep Austin _____."

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When an Austin local hears Leslie, they automatically think _____.
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Do you think they should keep Austin weird? Do you love everything about this eccentric and liberal Texas city? If you think you do, hit the play button now. Beware of some of the tricker questions that only a real Austin native would be able to answer correctly! Are you a huge fan of breakfast tacos? Do you know what color granite the capitol building is made out of? Do you know the state capital of Texas before it became Austin? Do you know what cult classic movie was filmed in Austin? Do you know what state university is located in Austin? Do you know why Austin is the live music capital of the world? Did you know there are tons of bats flying around Austin? Have you ever been to Reggae Fest a.k.a. Marley Fest? Did you know that Whole Foods was founded in Austin? Do you love how liberal Austin is compared to the rest of Texas? Are you familiar with the Old West Austin Historic District? Have you ever hung out on Sixth Street or at Zilker Park? Have you ever stayed at the Driskill Hotel? Do you love the longhorns? Have you ever said hook em horns? Have you ever attended South by Southwest? Have you ever taken a photo in front of the Greetings from Austin postcard mural? Prove you're a true native by getting a perfect score. Can you really call yourself a certified local, or are you just a tourist? Only one way to find out! What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show off your state pride with this general knowledge test only true locals could pass! Best of luck to you on this test!