Are You Arizona Enough To Decipher ALL This AZ Lingo? Bet Not!

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Are you Arizona enough to pass?

Only someone who was born and raised in the dry AZ heat will be able to pass this ultimate Arizona challenge!

 Mar 15, 2019
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Do you really think you’re Arizona enough to get a perfect score on this Copper State quiz? Do you know what kind of phenomenon a monsoon is? Prove it and make your home state proud by stepping up to the plate and accepting our ultimate Arizona state challenge! What about a haboob? Have you ever visited Sedona? What about the Grand Canyon? Have you ever worn a bolo tie? Have you ever tried a Sonoran hot dog topped with bacon, beans, mayo, and onion? Do you feel at home in the Copper State? Do you root for the Suns or the Cardinals? Do you own a swamp cooler? Do you get easily annoyed by all the snowbirds in the state? Have you ever almost stepped on a scorpion? Have you ever been called a Sand Cutter? Do you love to eat chimichangas, nopales, and posole? Do you have strong opinions about the Sun Devils versus the Wildcats? Do you know what a javelina is? Do you like adobe architecture? Just how much do you know about the state of Arizona? Prove you're a local with this series of trivia questions! Can you really call yourself a certified local, or are you just a tourist? Do you speak enough Arizona slang to know the answers to all these questions? Only one way to find out! What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show off your state pride with this general knowledge test only true locals could pass! Best of luck to you on this test!