Quiz: Can You Pass This Ultimate A-Z Horror Movie Quiz?

a nightmare on elm street, it, horror movies
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"It's alive!"

Do you love the genre of horror? If you can't stop watching horror films and scary movies, this is the perfect quiz for you!

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Calling all horror fanatics and creepy connoisseurs! Scary movies are not for the weak at heart and where there are some of us who can watch them all night without sleep, some would spend the night having nightmares. Horror movies scare us and get our adrenaline going in a way no other genre can manage. From It to A Nightmare on Elm Street to Night of the Living Dead to The Silence of the Lambs to I Know What You Did Last Summer, every one of these movies terrifies us in an entirely different way. From Freddy Krueger to Michael Myers, Pennywise to Leatherface, and Pinhead to Xenomorphs, there's villains and monsters always lurking in the shadowy recesses of cinema. And if you're here, you of course already know them all! But have you really seen every horror movie made over the past several decades? Do you consider yourself a horror expert? Can you keep up with the horror enthusiasts of the world?! Well, why don't you take this spooky quiz to find out! We will show you one still from a classic horror film, and you have to identify the movie from that still alone. It is definitely trickier than you think. Do you remember the iconic moment from The Shining? How about which movie it was that Mia Farrow starred in? This spooky quiz will test your horror movie knowledge like no other. So go on, take it! Just maybe turn the light on first! Good luck, and try not to scream!

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