Quiz: Is Your Memory Sharp Enough To Pass This ULTIMATE 50s Trivia Test?

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How well do you know the Fabulous Fifties?

This quiz explores all things Fifties, from actors and actress, significant events, places, popular culture, icons, and more!

 Jun 11, 2018
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What was the average age of a bride in the 1950s?
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What famous music festival took place in New York in 1969?
Happy Ever After
3 of 50Pick the correct answer!
What band was John Lennon a member of?
The Beatles
The Beach Boys
The Who
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You remember the assassinaion of which president?
James A. Garfield
William McKinley
John F. Kennedy
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How did most kids get around in the 50s?
by being dropped off by their parents
by riding their bike
by running
6 of 50Name this person!
Marlon Brando
Gregory Peck
Clark Gable
7 of 50Name this person!
Gregory Peck
Humphrey Bogart
Buster Keaton
8 of 50Name this person!
presidents, nixon
Wikimedia Commons
Richard M. Nixon
James Stewart
John Wayne
9 of 50Name this person!
Malcolm X
Sidney Poitier
Martin Luther King Jr.
10 of 50Name this person!
Dwight D. Eisenhower'
Marlon Brando
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Clark Gable
11 of 50Name this person!
Ruby Dee
Rosa Parks
Dorothy Dandridge
12 of 50Name this person!
johnny cash
Gary Cooper
Johnny Cash
Humphrey Bogart
13 of 50Name this person!
chuck berry, rock n roll
Louis Armstrong
Chuck Berry
Sidney Poitier
14 of 50Name this person!
movies/tv, classic, paul newman, celebs
MGM Studios
Frank Sinatra
Paul Newman
Dean Martin
15 of 50Name this person!
elvis, culture, celebs, pop culture, Music
Johnny Cash
Laurence Olivier
Elvis Presley
16 of 50Pick the correct answer!
You watched the ________ show when you were growing up.
Late Night
Ed Sullivan
Music Awards
17 of 50Pick the correct answer!
The _______ War was between the United States and the Soviet Union.
18 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Who was the first man to step on the moon?
Neil Armstrong
Robert F. Kennedy
Lance Armstrong
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Which of the following countries was NOT part of the Axis Powers in WWII?
20 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Who released their first single song from Memphis, Tennessee?
Marlon Brando
Taylor Swift
Elvis Presley
21 of 50Name this person!
Buster Keaton
John Wayne
Marlon Brando
22 of 50Name this person!
Rita Hayworth
Jayne Mansfield
Eva Marie Saint
Rita Hayworth
23 of 50Name this person!
movies/tv, classic, celebs
Warner Bros. Studio
Debbie Reynolds
Jane Russell
Jeanne Crain
24 of 50Name this person!
Brigitte Bardot
Diana Dors
Joan Collins
25 of 50Name this person!
I Love Lucy
Ruby Dee
Lucille Ball
Diana Dors
26 of 50Name this person!
frank sinatra
Frank Sinatra
James Stewart
John Wayne
27 of 50Name this person!
Dorothy Dandridge
Doris Day
Jane Russell
28 of 50Name this person!
grace kelly
Brigitte Bardot
Susan Hayward
Grace Kelly
29 of 50Name this person!
movies/tv, elizabeth taylor, celebs
MGM Studios
Audrey Hepburn
Elizabeth Taylor
Shirley MacLaine
30 of 50Name this person!
SC, quiz
Audrey Hepburn
Doris Day
Natalie Wood
31 of 50Pick the correct answer!
"Big Girls Don't Cry" is by Frankie Valli & the _________ Seasons.
32 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Who was the family in the movie, "The Sound of Music"?
Von Trapp
33 of 50Pick the correct answer!
What was the name of the country that is now Russia?
Soviet Union
34 of 50Pick the correct answer!
In 1956, Elvis Presley made his film debut in _______.
Some Like it Hot
Pretty Woman
Love Me Tender
35 of 50Pick the correct answer!
What term was used to describe the fan frenzy surrounding the Beatles?
36 of 50Name this person!
William Holden
Errol Flynn
Frank Sinatra
37 of 50Name this person!
Richard Harris
Cary Grant
James Dean
38 of 50Name this person!
Marilyn Monroe
Elizabeth Taylor
Grace Kelly
39 of 50Name this person!
Rock Hudson
James Stewart
Jack Lemmon
40 of 50Name this person!
Ingrid Bergma
Ingrid Bergman
Ava Gardner
Grace Kelly
41 of 50Name this person!
Sophia Loren, movies/tv
Sophia Loren
Bette Davis
Marilyn Monroe
42 of 50Name this person!
golden age
George Reeves
Charles Chaplin
Bing Crosby
43 of 50Name this person!
kim novak
Rita Hayworth
Greta Garbo
Kim Novak
44 of 50Name this person!
golden age
Mae West
Julie Andrews
Doris Day
45 of 50Name this person!
movies/tv, a philidephia story, Katharine Hepburn
Joan Crawford
Rita Hayworth
Katharine Hepburn
46 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Which war did Eisenhower NOT want the US to intervene with?
World War II
Cold War
Vietnam War
47 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Who were the Fab Four from Liverpool?
The Who
The Everly Brothers
The Beatles
48 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Which famous pop star was drafted into the army in 1957?
Michael Jackson
John Lennon
Elvis Presley
49 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Between what years were baby boomers born approximately?
1946 -1964
1996 - 2005
1925 - 1935
50 of 50Pick the correct answer!
Why were the baby boomers given their name?
the birth rate was significantly lower than past generations
because of the high birth rate post-WWII
they were born when the atomic bomb was being made
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