Hogwarts Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Marauders & The Map?

James Potter, marauders map
Harry Potter via WarnerBros.

Do you know enough to be declared an honorary Marauder?

This Harry Potter trivia quiz will figure out how well you know the Marauders and the Map they created.

 Jan 01, 2020

1 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What must you say to open the Map?
“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”
“I promise to create mischief.”
“I’m ready to make trouble.”

2 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What must you say to close the Map?
“Trouble achieved.”
“Mischief managed.”
“Mission success.”

3 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What does the map not show?

4 of 20Identify The Marauder.

Peter Pettigrew
James Potter
Remus Lupin

5 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which Marauder married Lily Evans?
James Potter
Remus Lupin
Peter Pettigrew

6 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What is James's animagus form?

7 of 20Identify The Marauder.

Sirius Black
James Potter
Remus Lupin

8 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What type of magical creature is Remus Lupin?

9 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which Marauder becomes Harry's godfather?
Peter Pettigrew
Remus Lupin
Sirius Black

10 of 20Identify The Marauder.

Peter Pettigrew
Remus Lupin
Severus Snape

11 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which nickname was not a part of the Marauders?

12 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What is Sirius's animagus form?

13 of 20True Or False.

The Marauders were all sorted in Gryffindor.

14 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Harry Potter's oldest son was named after which two Marauders?
James and Sirius
Peter and James
Sirius and Remus

15 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What subject does Remus Lupin end up teaching at Hogwarts?
Defense Against the Dark Arts

16 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What is Peter's animagus form?

17 of 20Identify The Marauder.

Remus Lupin
Alastor Moody
Sirius Black

18 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which Marauder betrays James Potter to Voldemort?
Sirius Black
Peter Pettigrew
Remus Lupin

19 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Who owned the Marauders Map before Harry?
Remus Lupin
Albus Dumbledore
Fred and George Weasley

20 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What year does Harry receive the Marauder's Map?
Third year
First year
Fifth year
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