Only A Wizard Can Pass This Harry Potter Vocabulary Test. Can You?

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Are you hip with your Harry Potter slang?

This Harry Potter trivia quiz will figure out if you are a true Potterhead by asking you to match these Harry Potter slang terms to their correct definitions.

 Jan 30, 2019

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The ability to talk to snakes
Nickname for Salazar Slytherin
Name for descendent of Slytherin

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Death Eater
Follower of Lord Voldemort
Nickname for dementors
Magical creature that kills with one glance

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Spell to find lost object
Wizard who finds lost things
Position in Quidditch

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Wizarding familiar
A wizard who can turn into an animal
Spell that turns animals into people

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Type of wizarding money
Someone who breaks an Unbreakable Vow
The smallest ball in Quidditch

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A curse that brings the dead back to life
An object in which a Dark wizard has hidden a piece of their soul
A stone that provides the user with immortality

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Time Turner
Spell to turn back time by five seconds
Device used for time travel
Watch that freezes time

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Magical object used to examine memories
Device to slow down time
The ability to read another wizards thoughts

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Mirror of Erised
Mirror that shows the dead
Mirror that shows someone’s deepest desires
Two way communication mirror

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Alcoholic wizarding beverage
Potion that turns butter into beer
Non-alcoholic wizarding drink

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Sorting Hat
Wizarding hat that is used for reading other people’s minds
Sentient hat that sorts students into Hogwarts Houses
Hat that sorts students into their wizarding profession

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The magical ability to block your thoughts
The magical ability to read minds
The magical ability to change appearances

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The magical ability to change appearances
The ability to turn into an animal
Spell to turn an animal into a person

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Witch/wizard who loses their magic as they grow older
Witch/wizard born to non-magical parents
Someone born into a wizarding family with no magic

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Unit of wizarding currency
Wizarding drink
Coin used for communication with others

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Witch/wizard born to non-magical parents
Non-magical person born into a wizarding family
Type of magical creature

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When a witch/wizard Apparates and leaves a piece of themselves behind
Slicing spell
Splitting a spell in two directions

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Magical creature that shows someone’s greatest fear
Magical creature that sucks out souls
Magical creature that can only be seen by those who witness death

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Harry Potter fan
Type of Harry Potter tattoo
People who dislike Harry Potter

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Non-magical person
Wizard born to non-magical parents
Wizard who can’t do magic
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